[Coop] Joint Potential - Act 1

Uploaded August 5, 2012 by Moth


JOINT POTENTIAL - Act 1 (by Moth) An entry for the Heavy-duty super-mapping super-contest -[ thinkingwithportals.com ]- Three small to medium-sized puzzles, plus an additional BTS mini-puzzle Note: This is part 1 of a set of 2. It is highly recommended that you download 'Joint Potential - Act 2' by Skotty JOINT POTENTIAL - Act 2 (by Skotty) Thanks to: Skotty and Chicken Mobile for instances Brainstone for the TWP poster Myeka for the final chamber Skotty for custom models Installation Instructions: ------------------------------------- Place the BSP file in the following folder: steam/steamapps/common/portal2/portal2/maps start a new cooperative game, and from the lobby, type the following console command: changelevel mp_coop_joint-potential_Act-1