[SP] Mho' Power

Uploaded August 5, 2012 by wrathofmobius


Connect the dots and feel the power. This test is made possible by Aperture's newest innovation, the Super-Conductive Hyper-Proximal Heavy-Duty Ultra-Cube. ------------------------------------------------------------ This is a three-part map revolving around redirecting indicator strip signals with cubes. This was originally a 4-part map but it became too large to compile, much less upload. If the concept is well-received, I may release more parts. Due to the large size of the map, it may not run well on older computers. Sorry :/ ------------------------------------------------------------ Special thanks to Vordwann, Nacimota, Mevious, ChickenMobile, zivi7, BEARD, msleeper, and all the other people on IRC the past few days for helping me chase down an elusive vbsp bug; Vordwann again for a no-leak light instance and moral support; Brainstone for the elevator instance and the TWP poster found in the office connecting area; simharry3, maark59, and blackdiamond377 for playtesting; msleeper again for hosting the contest; and all the other people on the TWP forums. ------------------------------------------------------------ Visit http://wrathofmobius.com/ for more. ------------------------------------------------------------ Walkthrough may be posted soon. ------------------------------------------------------------ #supercontest2012 wrathofmobius