[SP] The Corrupted

Uploaded August 5, 2012 by Pitkakorvaa


!! Winner of the ThinkingWithPortals.com contest - 2012 !! - It seems like you have lost your way to the closed testing area. Overtaken by destruction and beautiful foliage, but no need to worry! Luckily we can run the tests in a emergency and/or even in apocalyptic statements. So, collect your courage and step in and experience yourself with a fun of testing !" The Corrupted is a single player map which includes four different testchambers, with changing difficulty in a overgrown layout. Credits: Brainstone > TWP Poster overlay. Zivi7 > TWP Ratman Scrawl overlay. Stimich > Playtesting, bugs, unintended solutions. Fluppy > Playtesting, improvements, ideas, radio music(Reflection). Omnicoder > SignMake tool for custom testchamber signs. And all others who had helped with this. *Change log > v2* - Chamber 3 misplaced labels - Chamber 3 unintended solution !! - Some props casts now shadows - Indicators from laser catcher to fizzler added on chamber 4. - Exit elevator animation changed/added. - Endlevel trigger delayed < Caused the "crosshair 0" after endlevel. *Change log > v3* - Chamber 3 deathfield fix #supercontest2012 Pitkakorvaa