ML's Angry Hover Turret

Uploaded June 22, 2012 by MasterLagger


This is my personal version of the scrapped Hover Turret that didn't make it in Portal 2. It floats in the air while tracking the player with a laser and has two turrets equipped that remain motionless (except when firing). The only way to destroy the turrets is to burn them with the laser, picking up the turrets will NOT work. To activate the Angry Hover Turret properly, trigger the logic_relay with a trigger or something. It is best to copy and paste the Angry Hover Turret rather than loading it as an instance. Known issues: 1)While trying to rotate the Angry Hover Turret, the func_tank that tracks the player may end up firing the laser in another direction. When this happens, simply rotate the func_tank (the clip box) 90, 180, 270, etc degrees until it lines up properly. This takes some trial and error testing but it's not a big deal. 2) When using the reflection cube with the Angry Hover Turrets laser beam, sometime the laser will not reflect in it's current position.