Dojo of Pain(t)

Uploaded June 14, 2012 by marKiu


Welcome Ninjas! This is my fifth map and my first try to implement gels. I worked a lot on this one and I think it's finally ready to be released. As you can see by the name this map focuses a lot on your agility skills. I would recommend that only average players should try this. And for those who are playing with a controller..... buy a mouse. Note: You don't need any kind of crazy bunnyhopping or insane strafejumps to solve it. Agility means there are moves that require quickness and precission. Anyways I tried to make the solution as clean as possible so if your failing a lot at some point you should probably try something else. As always I'm happy to see your solutions and please give me some feedback. Good luck ninjas! v1.1 removed multiple unintended solutions (Thanks to Jacu, Sicklebrick, Shakky and HeadShot) v1.2 fixed more unintended solutions by shakky and Jacu v1.3 fixed Jacus unintended solution for the end move.