Uploaded May 18, 2012 by Insomnautik


Is it really that time again? I don't mean to imply I've been sleeping on the job, but I might be spending a bit too much time in the new editor. Anyways, you guys deserve a new coop map with all the flood of SP maps coming around. In this test your goal is to get to the exit door, which is right in front of you. Although its not so easy, with three side puzzles to make it to the exit your going to have to use all the tricks you've learned. Also, I have an invisible checkpoint system implemented so you never have to solve a puzzle more then once to get back to its objective if you fail anywhere in the test. Also, just a note, this has never seen the inside of the new editor, this is a pure hammer baby. Screenshots: Video Playthrough (N/A Yet): ---------- Changelog: v0.1 - Release v0.2 - Fixed Some Minor Bugs