Forsaken Chambers

Uploaded May 11, 2012 by torquestomp


These are the 1st and 2nd puzzles in a series I'm working on called "The Forsaken Chambers", which takes place in an old facility of the more 'elite' testing initiatives. Puzzles will usually contain few elements, but you will have to use the hell out of them to solve it. For those who followed these maps in [WIP], nothing new here - just the Easter Egg in map 002 that I mentioned in the previous thread. Now that my finals are done I should 'actually' be uploading more content. School/work/life takes up so much time T_T I will give cake* to the first person who reaches the Easter Egg in map 002 without cheats / glitches. This task requires ninja skills of an elite variety. (*will not actually give cake. That is logistically difficult) --- Feedback is very much welcome! Please don't hesitate to criticize / praise, as well as share solutions (hidden, of course) to help out your fellow testers. They also help me know how people are solving this / not solving it. -- Workshop Links -- ... d=71526483 ... d=72035153 I've yet to see support for multi-map uploads :< Hopefully that comes around in time -- v1.5 -- Fixed a texture error in the second map. The BSP's in the zip file are exactly the same as the workshop links; thus, there is no more auto-transition like before (due to the way Workshop maps must close). You will have to load each map individually