Storming the Castle

Uploaded May 10, 2012 by baca25


Personality Cores Bruce and Dalton, are introducing Atlas and P-Body to the simulation room. This room will allow for simulated testing in any environment imaginable. Bruce and Dalton have decided to have Atlas and P-Body storm a castle for the simulation rooms first test. These tests range from Hard to Hard. If you are looking to be challenged, then this is a good map for you. Expect to spend a while in the map, and as a reward for finishing the map, you have the option to play with a couple things from my previous map. The creation of this map is the result of my one years worth of mapping experience, since I first released Mind Lock in May of last year. I had never opened a mapping editor before Mind Lock, and for those of you who have played it, and the few of you who have played every one of my maps since, you can see the growth I have gained with each and every map I've released. Without the Thinkingwithportals community, I would not have come this far. In this map I have implemented as well as created custom sounds (with subtitles), textures, and models. Catapults will be a little buggy, just try to stand in the middle of the bowl. Enjoy the map, and as always I would like to receive a lot of feedback in the View Topic section. If you make a video of playing this map, please submit it in the View Topic section as well, I watch every one of them. Play instructions: Unzip the ?portal2? file from the archive and place the portal2 folder in your Steam/steamapps/common/portal 2 folder. Say yes to merging and overwriting everything. It won't mess up your files. Before you start your co-op game type into the console in the main menu ?snd_updateaudiocache?. Both players have to download the files. Start a normal co-op game and whoever is hosting (the Blue Robot) type in "changelevel mp_coop_castle" in the console (which is activated by the ` key under ESC). Thanks to my Playtesters for the havoc they cause when testing this map: That greek guy / Xires / Karmatoe / Hobbax v1.1 - Made hammers slower, Added speed gel signs. v1.2 - Made floor buttons Red. Raised white stones in second room. v1.3 - Made levers unblockable by player. v1.4 - Made catapults a little better. bombs cause less damage v1.5 - Edited catapults (Again). Fixed minor bugs.