Uploaded May 8, 2012 by Xtreger


A small map of medium difficulty. The solution is not difficult to execute. There is also a challenge version included, called sp_bounded_c, which is slightly harder. Some important points: 1. The yellow field fizzles objects, but NOT portals. 2. There is a small delay before death lasers actually get activated. So there's a time gap between your pressing the relevant button and the death field turning on. This is not a hint, but something that can be eventually noticed - I just want to save the player's time. 3. To prevent tight timing (and increasing the height of the room), I modified the death fields slightly so that even if you touch the lasers while ascending, there is be a small time interval before you're killed. So you can still get out safely even if you touch the lasers (FROM BELOW) briefly. You can test it to get a better idea. 4. The cube button in the 2nd room saves the game when activated (just a reminder to those who don't quick-save often). It doesn't do anything except that. View "ReadMe.txt" for installation instructions. Special thanks to HeadShot, Jacu, KennKong and RogerL for playtesting (the normal version only, not the challenge one), coming up with unintended (and intended) solutions, and providing feedback and tips. And to FourthReaper for the nice custom texture/functionality.