Uploaded May 3, 2012 by grayarea


Ignition is my fourth map and the idea was to break from the "as hard as possible" program and make something a little more accessible. That wasn't totally successful because it still turned out to be quite a difficult puzzle. It's not as hard as some of my previous maps however. Full solution video is: here If you manage to solve it, you might like to try the challenge version: solve it again by only pressing the spark button once, and without using the horizontal wall portal in the funnel room. Many thanks to Xtreger for playtesting this map from the early stages. I hope you enjoy it. v1.1: fixed a minor portal-bump problem for the first cube. also rendered without HDR for improved visibility. v1.2: made the death field pit near the exit deeper to block some unintended solutions. v1.3: fix to prevent shooting a portal from the lightbridge v1.4: fix for crashing bug