Power Interference

Uploaded May 3, 2012 by UsCobra11


GO HERE To play the workshop version of this map: It's slightly different, you might enjoy it: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... d=68660035 Power Interference is a medium sized, easy/medium difficulty map for single player. Changelog v1.0 -Release v1.1, v1.2 -Random fixes v2.0 [Insomnautik's Changes] -Map completely revised, edited, and changed for a better look (Thanks) -Textures completely redone -Added more general freedom to the first room -Added frames to glass and grate -Fit the funnel in the wall [UsCobra11's Changes] -Fixed alternate solution -Altered textures in second room -Moved various things v2.1 -Fixed unintended solution (again...) -Added autosave v2.2 Ran map through Pakrat for lp's fizzlers v2.3 -Replaced Lp's Fizzlers with a glass wall -Added music -Fixed the unintended solution (Again, lol) v2.4 -Player spawns without potato -Added arrival text