[SP] Antiquated Aperture

Uploaded April 24, 2012 by Groxkiller585


This map is in Old Aperture style, and is my first time with this style, so i'd love all the comments and crits you have! It's not easy, but it's not incredibly hard, you just need to pay attention and remember what you've passed. Implements Conversion and Repulsion gel in fun ways. CREDITS: Portal2Player - Playtesting/bugs Omnicoder - Playtesting/bugs Khan - Playtesting Conro - breaking the map alot vanSulli - Playtesting Motanum - Playtesting Colossal - Playtesting Sven - Playtesting/Epic alternate solutions Reepblue - Playtesting Stevo - Puzzle Inspiration Gig - Playtesting Anyone else I might have missed - Playtesting/bugs