Motanum's A la tag, Part 2

Uploaded April 21, 2012 by Motanum


The continuation of A la Tag! Expirience Tag: the power of paint in the world of aperture science! This is going to become a mappack, with me publish maps as I finish them. This means I am also looking for someone to do some voice acting. So PM me if you are interested! ----====VERY IMPORTANT====---- -If you spam "e" (Use button), the gun will fly away. So, try to refrain from doing that. -Do NOT move the mouse in the first few seconds when the map loads! -Move your feet around (Ie, quickly pressing wasd) to update the gun's view/axis. This will force the gun to aim to where you are looking at. This is part 2, so I suggest you play Part 1 first. Find it at Motanum?s A la Tag, Part 1 Enjoy and if you can try making a video, as I love to watch blind playthroughs!