[SP] Sendificate

Uploaded April 8, 2012 by HMW


A new invention, straight from the Science department of Aperture Science! This is the start of a series revolving around a new testing element called the "sendificator". The difficulty is medium/hard; no ninja-skills required. Thanks to Mevious and Josepezdj for beta testing, and to Sicklebrick for helping with ideas for detecting active portals in scripts. And of course to everyone on TWP who posted nice reviews and constructive feedback! Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported Source code and info on how to add this element to your own maps: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/51831059/Portal ... _v7_src.7z Update v7: * Improved model for the sendificator (design is the same; just added some detail and improved texture space usage) * Solved bug where playing this map after the next Sendificate map, caused some models to appear white. Update v6: * More small fixes. Update v5: * Replaced Bendy for Chell. (I like Bendy, but he looks awkwardly out of place in this overgrown environment.) * Fixed a bug where a teleport trace that ends right after going through a portal, can cause the cube to disappear, or appear in the wrong place; * some small fixes. Update v4: * Added a small hint to the end of the second room; * introduced special sendificator antlines for connecting the machine to a beam; * still more updates to the laser effect! * For map designers: added co-op support! (Thanks to Groxkiller585 for helping me with this!) Update v3: * proper sound effects; * lasers flash on machine activation, to make it more clear that they are part of the mechanism; * lots of other special effects; * hopefully fixed the bug where the movable ramp could be made to stay up without a cube on the button; * more small cosmetic fixes. Update v2: * removed dependency on sp_transition_list.nut (having a non-standard version of this file caused players to spawn without a portal gun); * fixed cube dropping through floor in room 0; * various small cosmetic fixes.