[Coop] Lessons Learned

Uploaded April 3, 2012 by Insomnautik


In this single test chamber, it will test your ability to maintain your portals. This test does not require quick timing or any advanced portaling techniques. However, it will take good team work to make it to the exit. I meant for this to be a quick build and release rather then attempting to spend weeks on the details. I have other maps I'm working on for that. So for now, enjoy this quick chamber. Screenshots: http://www.nautikdesign.net/portal2maps ... ize_01.jpg http://www.nautikdesign.net/portal2maps ... ize_02.jpg http://www.nautikdesign.net/portal2maps ... ize_03.jpg http://www.nautikdesign.net/portal2maps ... ize_04.jpg Video Playthrough (No Death): http://youtu.be/MWgaWh8AnSY?hd=1 Changelog: v0.1 - Release v0.2 - Re-Arranged some testing elements so indicator light paths don't overlap. - Modified Lighting, Added extra observation room. - Fixed ending door to use Coop Cameras instead of two buttons to open door. - Replaced Window Frame brushes with actual models. - Lowered Part of ceiling for easier indicator line visibility.