[SP] Motanum's A la Tag, Part 1

Uploaded March 27, 2012 by Motanum


A map that uses a Paint gun! Based on the created gun by Omnicoder, I modified it a bit to work with my "fizzlers" I've wanted to make maps like tag: the power of paint, but I wasn't really able to do much until I asked omni for his design. It came out very fun and I think it's intersting to merge a paint gun with underground aperture science. Loads of potential, I am planning on expaning on these levels a bit more. Because it acts as an introduction, the levels are quite easy. So just enjoy the ride and the views! ----====IMPORTANT====---- -If you spam "e" (Use button), the gun will fly away. So, try to refrain from doing that. -Do NOT move the mouse in the first few seconds when the map loads! -Move your feet around (Ie, quickly pressing wasd) to update the gun's view/axis. This will force the gun to aim to where you are looking at.