Uploaded March 26, 2012 by Xtreger


IMPORTANT NOTE: A recent update to Portal 2 has broken one of the gameplay mechanics involved in the solution. As a result this map is no longer playable; it requires a very substantial update so as to circumvent that gameplay element. A small and difficult map. The solution involves some dynamic moves which are not too hard to perform, but none of them are luck-based. A bit of trial (not too much) will probably be needed to fully recognize how to execute the complete solution. This is my first mapping experience (or anything 3-D related for that matter). Thanks to grayarea, lpfreaky90 and josepezdj for playtesting and giving initial feedback. View ReadMe.txt for more details (including how to install). Changelog: v1.1 - Hopefully fixed unintended exploit v1.2 - More tweaks to remove some unintended tricks v1.3 - Reverted back and added changes to fix unintended tricks