Lesson 0

Uploaded March 18, 2012 by Random


Lesson0 I wanted to take a break from my ongoing project, so this one is different from my usual style. This is one short puzzle, but it is meant to be more challenging than the average map. The intended solution involves a maneuver I haven't seen used before in Portal 2, and I want to see if people solve it quickly. That said, the map never requires anything like exploits or crazy ninja skills. You will need a decent reaction time, though. Let me know of any bugs, reasonable exploits I missed, or anything else. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Updates: Mar. 19: Removed unintended portal sniping solution. I would urge you to try again if your solution involved sniping past glass. Mar. 28: Made things easier to execute. Apr. 1: Removed another exploit caused by previous update. Apr. 8: Removed exploit pointed out by Jepp. Made in two days. It isn't as detailed as my upcoming maps.