[Coop] 10 reasons for reasoning

Uploaded March 15, 2012 by Jepp


To begin with we just want to thank everyone here on TWP for your support, you're an amazingly helpful lot! This is something me and StGinger here on the forum has worked on for quite some time. It's consisting of two maps, with five chambers each that will keep you busy for about 2-3 hours, depending on your ability to work together. Our goal with the difficulty was to make it about as hard as the original valve maps, so everyone should be able to enjoy. Since this is our first release we're really looking forward for your feedback. We had never mapped ever before this, but don't be alarmed, we have put an humungus amount of time and effort into this. Quotes from solvers of science: "well done 5/5 for sure" -Willn09 "OH MY GOD! THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!" -lpfreaky90 "This map was outstanding! It took my partner and I about 2.5 hours to go through it." -Tremer "it was like playing a couple hours of DLC quality maps!" -Sicklebrick "this map is beautiful. Absolutely love the the aesthetics." -theprogram00 Thank you and have fun! Warning! Contains Playthrough! For stuck or done participants only! [spoiler]z51OX3F6gmg[/spoiler] New in version 1.1: -Fixed a problem that could occur with a logic_branch_listener New in version 1.2: -Fixed an open observation room witch could be used to exploit a puzzle. New in version 1.3: -Made the last chamber of part two harder. -Fixed some exploits due to unnecessary white texture and source bug. -You can no longer bring cubes around part two. -Fixed a world portal that interfered with a fizzler rendering it useless. -Prevented ninja/hard solutions in several puzzles that may have prevented participants from comming up with the intended one. -Improved framerate in second chamber of part two. -Fixed a possible exploit with the laser in chamber one, part one. -Removed a GLaDOS line which didn't fit in. New in version 1.4: -Made the 4th puzzle in part 2 easier to understand. -Fixed a glass which were portable. -Small esthetic touches. -Added a second or half a second here and there on timers, making some of the puzzles in part one easier to execute. -Put in some helpful spotlights to make stuff (even) more noticeable. -Stepping off one button when both are pressed in last puzzle doesn't turn off the funnel anymore. Big thanks to everyone commenting!