Uploaded February 28, 2012 by grayarea


Status: The Hex: solved by KennKong after 11 days The Dancefloor: solved by HeadShot after 4 days The Big Top: solved by Jacu & flatmate after 12 days Full solution video is: here Since Triplex is my third map I decided to go with a theme of "three". You'll find three main rooms, each containing a very challenging puzzle. While each part of the map should be genuinely tricky, you do have some flexibility as to the order in which you choose to tackle them. Rest assured that no super-ninja moves are required and the map should be completely solvable on any equipment. Rather than lightning reflexes, you will need careful thought and an appreciation for geometry. Compared to my previous map Encode, Triplex has far fewer moving parts and should be more constrained and less prone to unintended solutions. Overall I suspect that it is also more difficult but only time will tell! I hope you enjoy it. v1.1: bug fix for hex room v1.2: minor tweaks v1.3: fixes for unintended solutions v1.4: fixed timing problem in Hex (this is mistakenly labeled v1.3 in-game) v1.5: another timing fix for Hex plus some cosmetic stuff v1.6: fix for laser feed into big top