Penrose 01 + 02

Uploaded February 17, 2012 by FourthReaper


Testing Focus: Surface Division Fields Difficulty: Easy Expected Play Time: Not that long ------------------------------------ These two maps focus entirely on world portals, or as I like to call them, Surface Division Fields (still hoping that name sticks ). The first map is extremely easy, it's really just an introduction to my way of using world portals (both ways). The second map is not difficult, but will hopefully stimulate the brain just enough to want more, as I expect to deliver. Future testchambers in this course will naturally be more challenging, with an appropriate learning curve. Note that I created a link to the Penrose Collection as the external download. I can't link to both maps, so I figured I would do this instead. I hope you will enjoy the test course, however brief, but even more so the design of the maps. Please send feedback, and if you would be so kind, vote. ------------------------------------ Changelog: Version 1.2 - Updated screenshots since V1.0. - Made the map compatible with the workshop. // Now links to the Penrose collection in the workshop - Made custom indicator lines and checkboxes. Version 1.1 - Updated the design of the map significantly. // mostly the elevators (still don't feel they're finished) and observation labs (I want to add humans ) - Created custom skin for Surface Division Field generators. - Added testchamber signs and improved and added custom test element signage. - Fixed the cheating past the glass window in the first map. - Fixed the double funnel issue in the second map. // still includes some issues somehow, though I don't know how to fix them. - Stopped adding instances // apparently that was unnecessary... Version 1.0 - Map Release ------------------------------------ Credits: FourthReaper - for design and creation Valve - for making the Half-Life/Portal universe a better place lpfreaky90 - for telling me how to make custom fizzler vmt's. Omnicoder - for making the Chamber Sign Maker, a nice base for my custom testchamber signs. And anyone else who helped me with issues I had. Feel discredited? Want in? Contact me right here.