[Coop] Upstairs Downstairs

Uploaded February 15, 2012 by BEARD!


A coop map featuring four puzzles, set in an abandoned Old Aperture test sphere. The puzzles get progressively more difficult. None of them require ninja moves or reflexes - you simply need to have a good think together! Click the thumbnails to see full screenshots: TODO: * Rethink the laser puzzle - optional extra?? REVISION 4: * Added PTI entities for workshop compatibility. Map is now hosted on the Workshop. * Added indicators for the exit button in Chamber 2. * Added some more detail (pipes) and attempted to tidy up visleafs. REVISION 3: * Fixed several 'hardcore' exploits, found by BlumCoLe and PortalCombat. REVISION 2: * A few minor aesthetic fixes * Fixed the reflecto-cube resupply button REVISION 1: General fixes and detailing, including: * Fixed the airlock doors not opening (trouble with instance proxies there - my apologies again!). * Moved the reflecto-cube dispenser to a different location and re-themed it to be consistent with the underground style. * Added detailing throughout the map. * Prevented several unintended solutions (hopefully everything is accounted for now). As always, feedback is very welcome. Test for msleeper debugging the bbcode [spoiler]Bold Italians underline url Quote:quotation station Code: Select all1337 c0d3z irritating font size pretentious colouring strike http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSR9OueYG6Y[/spoiler]