[SP] DaMaGepy's P2 map #3 mini

Uploaded January 31, 2012 by DaMaGepy


It's just a small showcase map that I made to try out new elements, and then turned out to be a minimap. Ocassionally I make small testrooms if I want to try new puzzle ideas/elements or some graphical style. After I tested the things I wanted, I've decided adding some detail and 1-2 extra thing and post it to see if others like it or not. I also experimented with semi-open rooms (to introduce outdoor maps later, I know some of you don't really like the idea). When I opened a forum topic about outdoor/timetravel/medieval maps, lot of you cried that it doesn't really suits into portal2 story and style. Whatever, I don't care. Also some of you stuck on my first map searching all the hidden lasercubes. This map involves that searching thing too. The new concepts I test in this map: - Custom music/skybox - Some puzzle without a portal gun - Indicator fixing concept - partially open map - some "where is it, and how I get it" thing... - controlling a bot with annoying movement sound - the map is not optimized (yet), so lags may occur - Story: a bot accidentally falls into a canal, and must make its way back to the surface... Updated: - fixed missing crosshair, if autosaved during ending fadeout - music will start if loaded from autosave, and fixed music looping - fixed some texture - When cubes brought to the lower bts area or to the portalgun place, they no longer respawn only once. - You can't use a cube to jump to the exit "hole" anymore Enjoy, and report bugs, shortcuts, unintended solutions. -= Check out my maps: Portal 2 #1 #2 - other maps: homepage =-