[Coop] Impetuosity

Uploaded December 27, 2011 by Nyskrte


Average expected playtime: Upgraded to 4 hours, 3 hours was an underestimate Difficulty: Nyskrte-esque Permanent +remote_view and voice communications are advised. I've been working on this beast for two months and I feel now is the time to unleash it. I hope you enjoy it, as always feedback is appreciated. If you want to play my other maps, look to my signature for links. There are now two versions of the map included in the download, mp_coop_halfosity allows you and your partner to continue immediately from completing the triangle chamber. This was done in response to the numerous criticism regarding the map's abnormal length and becoming disconnected due to unreliable internet connections. While this will double the size of the download, I feel it is a moot issue, as the amount of time you will spend playing the map will likely far exceed the time spent downloading it.