PORTAL 2 : After Math

Uploaded December 18, 2011 by chimera201


Hi, This is my very first game map. I have never made any game maps or anything related to 3D before.(except for I posted this map in the WIP section) Most of you must have played the Peer Review DLC by now. I wanted to release this map before the DLC but I really didn't have time (and still don't have). Well better late than never. The map consists of 2 short and 1 medium length puzzles. My map is very less detailed , about 1/10th detail of the maps made by pros here. There is a readme file included for setup instructions. Suggestions, criticisms, trapped areas, not intended solutions , and all other feedback are welcome. I may not have time to fix every minor issue but do specify if you found any(may help me in the future). Haven't worked on optimizations and will not unless really necessary. I have changed the files from the WIP version so do the custom music and material still work? Changelog from WIP version -changed the exit -reduced file size -improved lighting -fixed some bugs -added some detail Well I hope this turns out to be a great map for you all. Edit: Known issue:In puzzle 3 if the door doesn't open even if the 2 laser relays are powered noclip it