[SP] Test Map Pack 3

Uploaded November 13, 2011 by Rand0mNumbers


7 more chambers. Again, I must warn you that these are experimental. I've attempted to give the player direction without resorting to neon signs, but some ideas are a little...odd. Some chambers have autosaves right before you are about to kill yourself. So, if you die, don't panic...much. Each chamber will lead to the next. The last one does not have an elevator, so the transition may be a bit jarring. Start the sequence with 'map testmap_22'. The following is a list of all the maps in the pack with their titles from corresponding YouTube videos: testmap_22 - Up and Down testmap_24 - Align It Yourself testmap_25 - Enough is Enough testmap_26 - Lateral Thinking testmap_27 - Heavy Lifting testmap_28 - Not Another Puzzle testmap_29 - Assuming Control Due to vpks not working right at the time of posting, this is a zip file with the maps and materials folders. Extract them to wherever you can get Portal 2 to recognize them. Note: Align It Yourself will briefly toggle cheats to get sv_allow_mobile_portals working. The Peer Review update (or its subsequent updates) somehow made toggling it without cheats unreliable. The chamber isn't broken without mobile portals, it'll just take a little longer. Please let me know of any bugs you find...except that hard light surface over videos not working right. I don't believe I can do anything about that without sacrificing one or the other. Also, the spheres in 28 may disappear through the floor. Blame Source's physics. Release 1.0.1: Changed the map transition command in 26 from 'changelevel' to 'map' as a fix for visibility issues in 27. Release 1.0.2: Added clip to mobile portal surface in 27 to prevent players from getting stuck behind. Primary attack is automatic fire and secondary is semi-auto in 29. Added broken room to 29 to mirror the target room. It is difficult to see and may be removed/moved/replaced in a future release. All maps set map_wants_save_disable to 0 after 4 seconds have elapsed. This fixes the issue where players were unable to quicksave until they either reloaded the map or changed the variable themselves. Disabled top wall projectors in 26 to make getting to the elevator easier if the player fell. Release 1.0.3: Assuming Control: Added tipped over tube and crushed turret Modified player failure execution to briefly toggle cheats Made falling tube demonstration start earlier and more prominent Added possibility to destroy target without having to neutralize immediate threats Modified firing system activation to briefly toggle cheats Realigned some textures Made windows "less shiny" Align it Yourself: Made panel move around until you look at it to promote more USEful curiosity Enough is Enough: Added clip to prevent prematurely exiting puzzle Added moving portallable panel to prevent players from being stranded Heavy Lifting: Removed upper 2 levels of portallable surfaces above entry door Added location check for buttons Added vphysics clips to prevent button from wedging itself in Changed station 2's i/o to stop unnecessary panel animation changes Changed station 3's i/o to address issues with the exit door