Co-op tube ride sequence

Uploaded October 12, 2011 by Mr. P. Kiwi


This is an instance that when triggered causes a sequence in which Blue, Orange or both go flying through a set of vents, like the one that leads to and from the 'DLC room' in the hub. To activate it you need a trigger_playerteam that will tell the instance what sequence to start (Blue/Orange; Long/Short) and to enable/disable the trigger_teleports. You should also place two trigger_teleports - one for Orange and one for Blue. these should be enabled when the corresponding bot arrives and disabled when he leave's the trigger_playerteam brush. There are four alternate remote destinations for these brushes: @orange_tuberide_long_teleport_trigger @orange_tuberide_short_teleport_trigger @blue_tuberide_long_teleport_trigger @blue_tuberide_short_teleport_trigger You can also have up to four point_teleport entities, from these the player will re-appear in the map after the sequence: @orange_tuberide_long_teleport_trigger2 @orange_tuberide_short_teleport_trigger2 @blue_tuberide_long_teleport_trigger2 @blue_tuberide_short_teleport_trigger2 YOU MUST NAME THESE ENTITIES APPROPRIATELY, otherwise the instance won't work properly. Hope you'll make the best out of it, I'm sure I will.