[SP] Momentum

Uploaded October 9, 2011 by neco


update Momentum v_5 Fixed issues: - The gel doesn?t leak through the floor/ceiling (Thanks Mr. P. Kiwi!) - Removed that "hover in mid-air behaviour" from both lasers in room 1 (Thanks pedmacedo!) - Cube can?t be retrieved after increasing the counter anymore (Thanks Seizure22!) - Corrected the ?type mismatch? for the fizzler in room 2 (Thanks pfalstad!) ________________________________________________ update Momentum v_4 Will add a detailed list of fixes later on... (Should fix all issues mentioned in the thread.) ________________________________________________ [SP] Momentum v_3 First of all I?d like to thank all of you who have contributed to the WIP thread and to Demonz312 for his ramp instance (which you can find here: panel Stairs+instances). Very special thanks to NuclearDuckie and josepezdj who have not only playtested this map but also made many suggestions to solve several issues and had great ideas for improving some puzzle elements. As a first map this was quite ambitious and I should have started with a smaller one. However, despite the fact that it took way too long, it was fun making it and learning Hammer. As I?ve written in the WIP thread especially the first puzzle element is about angle, timing and of course ?Momentum?. It also has two new custom elements. An anti-player and an anti-cube laser field. The first denies the player but allows the cube whereas the second one works the other way around. At first I used env_lasers to make those laser fields but then found a better, less expensive way using func_brushes with ?abused? textures. Hope you like it... ________________________________________________________ Screenshots: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/7656 ... reenshots/ ________________________________________________________ Please do not rename the bsp-file, else you would have to rebuild the cubemaps properly which would cause an increase in file size, thank you! I made this with the first custom maps I downloaded and wondered at some ugly reflections ________________________________________________________ Known issues: - One of the brush entities is ceiling and floor at the same time with a gel dropper above. The gel can be seen (leaking) through it (any ideas???). - The cube in the first test chamber might get stuck under a panel. I was only able to solve this problem rather clumsily but it should work. - Due to the random nature of func_physboxes in motion, you might get stuck when moving among them and rigid elements. This only happened once to me, yet I thought I should mention it. - There?re also parts in this map which require to crouch and move through small openings; I can assure you that I adhered to the minimum measures for height and width, however josepez told me of some problems which might occur due to a corrupt dll-file. In that case you should check that first. - I liked a custom env_laser element I made much better with end sparks but they were visible through other func_details and walls (again, any ideas?).