[Coop] Wreaked

Uploaded September 9, 2011 by baca25


Wheatley is back in control and this time he has Atlas and P-Body to test with. This is my fifth map. I really wanted to put a lot of effort into the looks of this map. I think the puzzles range from easy to medium. There is a known problem of the console being spammed with an error, but I can't fix it and it doesn't affect gameplay. Enjoy. Please let me know what you thought of the map in the "View Topic" section, and let me know if you find anything wrong with the map that I might have overlooked. Thanks to my testers : CrazyGuy, 54, RockeTek, Roksonixx. P.S. I like watching the videos of my maps, so if you do record it, I really like to watch them. Updates: v1.1 - I fixed the portal under the grate, in the second map. It is no longer black. v1.2 - Fixed unintended solution on puzzle 1, could stand outside of upper portal. v1.3 - Adjusted a few things in the second course. v1.4 - No more Blue soloing the first course, And raised cleanser on second. v1.5 - Added Normal BSP files to download. v1.6 - Changed first puzzle a little, put on workshop.