[Coop] Course of Knallhart

Uploaded August 31, 2011 by JonVD


A medium-sized and medium-difficulty coop map that requires a lot of teamwork. It might get frustrating at certain points, but don't worry: it has got checkpoints. The installation instructions are located in the .rar file and are basically the same as for any other map. The map has some custom textures in it that are automatically installed with it. I hope you enjoy the map and any feedback is very welcome, so if you have anything to say about it, just post in on the map's topic. Special thanks to NxSG for letting me use his awesome portal 2 themed music. This map features the track called '5D'. Be sure to check out his channel on youtube if you like it! //Composer & Producer: Alexander Linhart/NxSG //Track: Portal 2 Soundtrack (5D) //YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/NxSGMusic ///Changes:/// 1.1: -Some things in the last room now make music 1.2: -Changed a button type to prevent glitching