Vertical Reach

Uploaded July 29, 2011 by Lostprophetpunk


### Reached over 1,000 downloads. Thank you! ### This is a medium difficulty map, with a few little surprises. If you would like to know how to install the map, visit the link below... mapping-help/playing-portal-2- custom-maps-t4076.html This is [v1.4] of the map. Thanks to msleeper for the elevator transition instance ### Previous Bugs ### v1.0 - Could get stuck in third room v1.1 - Weird reflections in toxic water - Cube would sometimes not fall on the button when thrown - Cube would sometimes not fall on ariel faith plate - Laser could be shot from wall straight into the laser catcher v1.2 - Fizzler was at eye level, making it hard to see - Lighting in elevators was to a poor standard - Not enough indicators to show what things do - The third chamber solution was a little too easy - Exit door didn't close v1.3 - Intended solution to the third chamber could be bypassed I hope you enjoy it. =] My username for Thinking With Portals is Lostprophetpunk if you want to get in touch.