[SP] Additional Chapter 8 Tests

Uploaded July 29, 2011 by CrazyGuy


Here it is release version 2.0 of Wheatley's Gel Chambers (formerly known as Untitled Gel Puzzles) (STILL needs a better title!) UPDATES: Changed Music to ch8 music changed boxes to monster turret boxes (except in area 2 because the monster boxes aren't affected by gel) fixed panels in area 3 added a TON of signs and marks to help you along fixed a visible nodraw surface hope you like it better this time Style: Wheatley (except I used normal boxes) Difficulty: Hard Size: 3 Chambers Pace: Medium also: there is a cool ratman's den secret mapmakers room between between chambers in the BTS areas, like on OSTCSA. See if you can find it =) Focus on using blue gel with lightbridges in ways not seen in any of the valve maps or any of the community maps i've played, and a chamber centered around the clear gel. I intended to haev actual Wheatley lines in this.. I recorrded some new ones myself and wanted to try them out on the map. But they wouldn't work. I could load them into hamemr and play them but when it came to the map I got an error saying the sound could not be found on disk or something like that. I looked this up on the forums and they say you need to package it into a .vpk. I know how to use the .vpk tool but I don't know how to actually impliment it in the game, whether I need to package it with the map and all or whether I can have a standalone .vpk with just the wavs. So, for now it uses Game_texts to help you on your way.