Mental Breakdown

Uploaded July 23, 2011 by baca25


This is my fourth map. I kindof just threw this one together in a couple days, so it is much simpler then my previous map that had new concepts and such. This is a basic map, but the puzzles still range from medium to hard. When you get to the faith plate, make sure you only shoot the panel from the indicated side, and make sure you look straight at where you want to go, or else it will be inaccurate. Also the exit elevators do work. Enjoy. Please let me know what you thought of the map in the "View Topic" section. Play instructions: Unzip the map from the archive and place in your Steam/steamapps/common/portal 2/portal2/maps folder. Both players have to downloaded the map. Start a normal co-op game and whoever is hosting (the Blue Robot) type in "changelevel mp_coop_mentalbreakdown" in the console (which is activated by the ` key under ESC. Thanks to my testers : 54, Karmatoe, and RockeTek P.S. I like watching the videos of my maps. v1.1 - added some placement helpers v1.2 - Made last room work better