Lost In Transition

Uploaded July 11, 2011 by baca25


Atlas and P-Body get lost in the transition between test chambers and they must find their way back to Glados and her test chamber. This is the third map that I have ever created and I thought that I would go all out on this one. There are three rooms in this map, and I have uploaded each room as its own file to reduce lag and allow players to stop after each room and continue later on if they wish. I would rate these puzzles as hard to solve and if you and your partner are looking for a challenge then this is the map for you, and you should expect to spend a while in this map. Play instructions: Unzip the maps from the archive and place all three in your Steam/steamapps/common/portal 2/portal2/maps folder. Both players have to download the maps. Start a normal co-op game and whoever is hosting (the Blue Robot) type in "changelevel mp_coop_lostintransition" in the console (which is activated by the ` key under ESC. The rooms should end and load automatically, but if they don't or if you would like to start at a different room then enter in the name of the room you would like to start at. I would like to thank those who tested my map for their help: RockeTek, SofaEater, Roksonixx, and Karmatoe. Please Give Feedback on what you thought of my map. v1.1 - Fixed minor bugs, fixed unintended way to solve last room, and changed second rooms looks a bit. v1.2 - Made it so that you no longer have to backtrack for the cube in the third room. v1.3 - I added 1 more second of time before panels go down, and I have added a sound to beep .8sec before the panel goes down. v1.4 - Fixed Minor things in first room. On Third room I made it so you can't fall behind panels, and made them a little wider. v1.5 - Added some placement helpers, and added some effects and looks. P.S. I like watching the videos of my maps.