[SP] Angrybombs

Uploaded June 30, 2011 by MissStabby


While waking up from a cryosleep she thought it was a good idea to go on a "adventure" with Rick the adventure sphere. Things you can expect: EXPLOSIONS!!! Rick the adventure sphere, fully animated with his witty comments. Turrets flying all over the room, from the EXPLOSIONS!!! Companioncubes taking to the sky, because of EXPLOSIONS!!! A witty maze where you have to avoid... EXPLOSIONS!!! A interactive scanner that lets you scan all things in the room. Some behind the scene moments. This map is like chr!stmas, no its better than chr!stmas! Try it out, and be sure to let me know what you think in the thread. Have fun playing!!! Playthrough video [spoiler]StI11uB8LoM[/spoiler] BUGS FIXED: V1.06 (03-07-11) Fixed an exploit where players could portal on the bts ceiling and bypass a trigger. Added a hidden door leading the player to the bts area. Added a cutting effect for the emergence of the maze puzzle. Added windows infront of the hint area to prevent players wanting to get there. (caused more confusion than help) V1.05 (01-07-11) fixed an exploit where you could send a bomb through the grates. Added sparks on different locations to attract attention the hint panel is triggered imidiately insteaf of after 20 mins. Added a fizzler to the entrydoor so you cant get stuck anymore. Added a playerclip to the hardlightbridge "gate" to prevent players getting stuck Fixed an bug with players getting stuck after jumping off the scanner generated hardlightbridge V1.04 (01-07-11) Fixed an exploit where you could place a portal at the cube receptacle. Added a subtle hint system for players getting stuck for longer than 7 minutes (and staying alive aswell). (it is known that the demo funnel is rotating/stopping in sync with the puzzle funnel, this is to avoid visual glitches) V1.03 (30-06-11) The trigger closing the door behind you at the start of the game wasnt fully covering the briefing room, so it could get players stuck behind closed doors if they ventured too far. V1.02 (30-06-11) A invisible wall that prevents you from using the second catapult didnt deactivate at mapswawn... Version 1.02 has it fixed!