RBC Test Chamber 2 V3.1

Uploaded June 28, 2011 by RubyCarbuncIe


V2 and V3 have been added to the file. A new Single Player Map in the "Clean Aperture" Style. This is my first attempt at this style so any constructive criticism is appreciated. This test chamber includes: Ariel Faith Plates Fizzlers Lasers Laser Redirection Cubes Danger Field and of course buttons and switches. Changes in V2: All turrets have been removed numbered signs have been removed Ariel Faith plate launches slower Fixed Glitch were the door wouldn't open after the button has been pressed. Changes in V3: Turrets have been added to the test chamber again. Some of the Test Chamber's walls have been edited to make the test more difficult. Timer switch with a Hard Light wall has been added in the pit of the test chamber. Ariel Faith Plate launches mor accuratly (on some rare occasions the cube wouldn't hit the button.) V3.1 Fixed glitch where turrets would not shoot Fixed an exploit (I gues that's what its called) where the Hard Light bridge would pas through Glass Please notify me of any bugs/glitches you can find. I hope to have a video walkthrough posted soon on my Youtube Channel. Thanks, and enjoy. Here is a link to the picture: http://steamcommunity.com/id/RubyCarbun ... 7019724058