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Portal: Outside Influence


Hello Test subjects!

A new portal mod has popped onto Steam Greenlight this week: "Portal: Outside Influence".

Outside Influence is a mod for the original Portal; a new story set within the shared Half-Life/Portal universe, with new testing elements, environments and music. Contains additional features, such as fully voiced audio logs that tell the stories of those who worked at Aperture Science in its last days, a togglable hint system and a zoom scope a la Portal 2.

Check out the trailer:

and head over to the greenlight page to vote!

There's been a lot of really good Portal and Portal 2 mods popping onto Greenlight recently, I'm excited 😀

On the /r/portal thread, the developer said it's been worked on for over 5 years! Hope it pays off for them.


Thanks for posting about the campaign! The level of support has been incredible thus far, and I'm super hopeful for the future of the project! :D

I heard you got Jim Sterling to do VA for this. I'm really looking forward to that. Is he going to be the antagonist?
Edit: Actually never mind. I'll let it be a surprise.

Yes! We've got a pretty big voice cast - Jim Sterling, Conrad Zimmerman (who is also acting as script editor), Jonathan Holmes, Cody Powell, Clint of LazyGameReviews, and a bunch more folks who I've followed work of in the past. I've got a few more to ask yet, and a couple that have yet to reply (though I was perhaps a tad optimistic in asking Marc Leblanc and Warren Spector, but I thought I'd give it a go :P)

Oh, and if you're wondering why there's such a large cast, the game features audio-logs. Yes, I played System Shock in the past year, can you tell?

Holy shit, all 3 dismal jesters? You got my vote. Why isn't this info on the greenlight page?

Honestly? I wanted to see how far it could get without leveraging the name-power. We're very nearly in the top 100 even though it's not been featured on a single major games site - TWP is the only site to have done so, as far as I can tell. Word of mouth has gotten us pretty damn far.

I plan on sticking up an announcement about the voice cast later this week, however.

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Thanks so much to everyone who voted and shared it around! :D

GRATS man!


woo awesome :D
congratulations! If you ever need help with the steam things, feel free to hit me up!