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Elevator movies not working in hammer

Hey guys! I'm really new to mapping, so excuse me if I get some terms wrong.

I just started working on my first test chamber, and I noticed the elevator didn't have any movies. I didn't pay much attention to it, but when I tried to replace the variables for $arrival_video and $departure_video in arrival_departure_transition_ents, it didn't work. I looked into it and I saw after PeTI came out it broke it. I also noticed there are the same variables in global_ents. Is that the correct one? I tried following the Valve Developer "Elevator (Portal 2) page that says "You were able to set the videos on the elevators by setting the variables in this instance before the DLC2 - update (Puzzlemaker) broke it. This is still possible. By replacing (remember to keep a backup of the original script) "<Your Steam Folder>\SteamApps\common\portal 2\portal2_dlc2\scripts\vscripts\video\video_splitter.nut" with "<Your Steam Folder>\SteamApps\common\portal 2\portal2\scripts\vscripts\video\video_splitter.nut" you'll be able to set arrival- and departure- videos, instead of a random one being chosen on upload."" I tried doing that but it didn't work. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!


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As for your problem, try this guide: