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Can someone make me a portal gun skin?

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Hey guys, I was wandering if anyone could please please please please please make me a custom portal gun skin that's just the normal portal gun with just my name on the side (edroid999). I am unable to install the vtfedit for a bunch of irritating reasons, so I was wondering if someone could please make one for me? Thankyou if you do!!!

Have you tried installing this package? very often VTFEdit doesn't start because you haven't got that package installed in your computer. Try it first ;)

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It's more because my Internet isnt great enough to download much for the moment, and my computer has a bunch of annoying restrictions that my parents put on. But I appreciate that in anyway. :thumbup:

OK boy, attached is the texture... It's been quick and straight since your enquiry wans't really demanding, but let's see if you like it. Note that I haven't tested in game myself...

Now, do you know how to make this texture appear in your game?


You can follow this tutorial by Sicklebrick. Good luck! And post a picture in game if you manage it. :D

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thanks, I've got the file, but I wanted to install it to Portal 1. Sorry, I should have specified that before.

I am really sorry I'm being such a noob, but I'm obviously not installing it properly... It's just coming up with the purple thing with the black squares... I looked it up and it said to install a skin for portal 1 you just drag it in and drop don't you? Really sorry about this.

OK, I'm attaching a test texture for Portal.

You need to place it into portal/materials/models/weapons/v_models/v_portalgun. If this folder doesn't exist, create it.

I haven't tried it because i'm not at home atm.

Good luck. :thumbup:

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Thankyou!!!! That's really cool!! But can you make it a bit bigger? like the guys on portal done pro and pro-er. But it's fine if you don't coz that's still really cool! thanks!!

Hehe... ok, boy, you have it attached.

Next time you need to explain an enquiry to a forum, try to be more specific. Example:

Hey guys! I'm currrently unable to make my own custom texture for the portalgun for a bunch of irritating reasons, so I'd like to ask for your help :D I would need a custom skin for the portalgun for the original Portal with my name in it (edroid999), and I'd like it to look more or less as big as in this video:

Thank you so much in advance! :thumbup:


Check out this time and let me know if it is better...

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Jose, you must have all the time in the world. I would have told this kid to do it himself.

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