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2018 Thinking With Portals Mapping Competition

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Hey folks, time for another mapping competition hosted by our good members of the portal mapping community.


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Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.

What else should I know?
If someone is experienced in level design and would like to judge but isn't participating, they can direct message @Stract on Steam or Discord.

Thinking of submitting your map here? Hold up!
The competition isn't directly hosted on the forum this time. Finished entries should be uploaded to the workshop and your map and name submitted with this form.

If you have any further questions about the competition or perhaps want to contribute some prizes, contact the organisers through the TWP discord.

Have fun peeps! :thumbup:

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You know, I am very happy to read about the contest and I will try my best to finish my map in time, but I just found out about it. :(

An announcement in would've been nice.

Ok, enough rants, time to get some shit done!

Completely slipped my mind about that group. And can't say I wasn't an admin for an excuse either lol.

Will post there for the non-discorders. Stay subscribed to this post for updates.

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Hello Guys, I'm new in Maping Competition. Thinking With Portals is a community based website focused on creating new maps for Portal and Portal 2. I'm looking forward to how they promoted mapping contests regularly such as their Summer Mapping Initiative and Heavy-duty Super-mapping Super-contest.

The competition is over!
Maps will be judged and the results will come soon.

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So, are we waiting for HugoBDesigner?

LambdaCore 21 wrote:
So, are we waiting for HugoBDesigner?

As of writing, we're waiting on four of the seven judges to do their scoring. HugoBDesigner finished his yesterday :P

Check out Facade, a super-easy puzzle created by me and RedSilencer.

Hello? Anybody home? What about the new maps? It's end of february...

Your first post in 6 years! Noice

Stract posted the results end of last month in the discord channel.

Stract wrote:
Hello everyone! The results are in for the Mapping Competition.
So many thanks to everyone who came through and put time into making and submitting a map. This competition had a greater turnout than I was expecting, and for that I'm really glad! I'm sure everyone can agree that it was great to see the community bolster its creativity, and that each map was interesting in its own respect.

Below is a list with each entry's placement:
1. Spotless by @MisterLambda -- 47.183 / 58
2. Exhaust Station by @srs_bsnss -- 42.050 / 58
3. Neurotoxic Disaster by @Tewan -- 36.917 / 58
4. Farlands by @Person Meetup -- 35.500 / 58
5. Foundation Pit by @Wii2 -- 32.867 / 58
6. Robot accident by @Super Dirt -- 30.083 / 58
7. Laser-controlled movable boxes by @leemetme -- 21.667 / 58
8. Map that I spent 3 hours making by @Pancakes -- 20.000 / 58

This means the winner of this competition is MisterLambda with his map Spotless!
Thanks again to everyone that participated. I hope to see a similar turnout or greater next time!

Here is the judging spreadsheet which contains individual scores and comments from judges for each entry (and download links for each): ... sp=sharing

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Spotless link leads to Exhaust Station download :boring:

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