[SP] Oversized Test Chamber Storage Area

Uploaded June 8, 2011 by CrazyGuy


FINAL VERSION OF OSTCSA! Changes: -added more decorations in the open area -changed the "malfunction" trigger in area 2 so it does more to show that you can't use those two cubes -added some explanatory text -added env_projectedtextures to enhance the mood -fixed cheat solutions -fixed the glass in area 3 so it will break more easily -made the turrets in the end of area 3 "super damage" so you can't just run past them anymore. This map has some "soft" acheivements (it displays game text rather than giving an actual acheivement) [] Ball Control: In area 1, get the sphere without losing one [] Turrets Syndrome : FIZZLE every single turret in OSTCSA. [] Shatterproof: Solve area 3 without breaking the glass [] The lizard lives: Find the hidden mapmaker's room (found somewhere after area 1)