Twin Pillars

Uploaded June 7, 2011 by BOB74j


This is my first map for Portal 2, Twin Pillars. It's done in the destroyed style. Be prepared to use the testing elements in ways that Valve has not trained you to use them. As a result, people who generally think outside of the box will likely find Twin Pillars a lot easier than those who don't. Also, keep in mind there is more than one way to solve the test. The execution isn't all that difficult, it's just a matter of using gameplay mechanics in ways that you wouldn't expect. Overall, I'd say the difficulty is probably around 6/10. But correct me if I'm wrong. The map size is medium, and it will likely take about 10 to 15 minutes to play on your first try. Here's the YouTube video guide back from version 1.2 (currently at 1.4) in case you get stuck. But I would strongly recommend playing the map before you watch that! dpOjzNTIax8