Blue Walls

Uploaded June 4, 2011 by RubyCarbuncIe


My contest entry. OK so yeah the name may not be all that great, but it's based off the fact that this test revolves around the Hardlight bridges as shield walls. This Test Chamber is in the Overgrown style. The player has one Portal at the start and uses Momentum for the most of the test chamber. This test chamber involves: Momentum Laser Walls Fizzlers Hard Light Bridges An Excursion Funnel Thermal Discouragement Beams Ariel Faith Plates Please tell me of any glitches you may see while playing this map, and good luck to everyone in the contest! V2: I moved the Faith Plate to a better out of the way location. Added indicators for the large hard light wall in the second room. V3 (About F***king time right?) : After Peer Review the game always made the player start with a dual Portal Device, now that's fixed! I made the chamber have better lighting I redid EVERY piece of lighting in the chamber because when I made this map it just looked a bit off from what I wanted. I added some minor details to some areas such as tide lines to the hazard liquid in the aerial faithplate room and updated the water texture as well. I updated the environment to give the map that final touch it needed. env_tone_maps make the map very very very pretty lookin' if I do say so myself. Here is an updated picture of the chamber: ... 8361732080 Please enjoy this map as much as I did making it. It really is my best piece in my opinion.