Gymnasium Part 2

Uploaded May 22, 2012 by El Farmerino


Another fitness test from the folks at Blapperture Mesa. Test subjects will once again be required to display speed and dexterity, though as always they will also be required to use their heads in order to proceed. Screenshots: It's not really necessary to play Part 1 first, but you should anyway. You can find it here: This should actually be a little easier than Part 1, I think, though some players might find a couple of new mechanics at play. The map was started in the PTI editor and finished in Hammer. It's a little borderline whether I did enough to it to put in the [SP] section, so I won't begrudge a mod if they decide to move it. I would have liked to have done more work on the visual side of things but I'm off on a long holiday soon and wanted to get it out there before I go. Hope you all enjoy it!