Real Confetti

Uploaded April 29, 2012 by DamnImOnFire


My first actual finished map. It's not too difficult, and I was pressured for time, so I hope you like it. Feedback would be greatly valued as I'd like to make my next map even better. Enjoy! Credit: JamesK (original testing) - andyb - Senf - UsCobra11 - Shakky (epic map break!) - KennKong (great blind video) - sicklebrick (another insightful video!!) - John11 (least portals run) - BEARD! (for the constructive post, thank you!) - Djinndrache (for the video ) Changelog: -V1.26: removed alternate last solution -V2: took out some more solutions! Added fizzlers. -V2.1: removed some discrete but possibly alternate solutions, improved some texturing and (hopefully!) reduced lag during play. Spiced up the BTS area a little -V2.2: accidently created a flaw in V2.1 in test 4, fixed now. Removed and replaced vertex textures. Fixed a minor flaw just before Test 3. -V2.3: added a small easter egg. Aligned and pimped up all fizzlers. Tidied up map.