Double Bill

Uploaded April 19, 2012 by El Farmerino


As the rather unimaginative name suggests, a map consisting of two distinct chambers. The first is a remixed version of my previous map "Rebound", with easy and unintended luck-based solutions nixed and generally given a bit of a spit-shine. I managed to foul up the uploading of the final version previously and the download reverted back to the very first release, so here it finally is in its true form. The second chamber is all new and introduces the experimental Multi-Purpose Button. It's a versatile little chap, but seems to drain a lot of power.... Major changes from WIP version: - Redid textures and lighting for the first chamber (both rooms). - Removed lasers from second room and blocked off surface that could be used to skip the second part of the puzzle. - Fixed lighting issues in Chamber 2. - Blocked a route to the exit from behind the funnel in Chamber 2. - Slight changes to the upper room in Chamber 2. Screenshots: Changes in v 1_2: Removed exploit that let the player skip the first part of Chamber 2. Removed exploit that let the player reach the upstairs section of Chamber 2 without activating the lightbridge. Fixed cubemaps so props should be showing correctly (hopefully) A couple of minor cosmetic changes.