[SP] Getting over obstacles

Uploaded March 4, 2012 by Dom44


This is my first Portal 2 map. It involves: -Lasers -Conversion Gel -Propulsion Gel -Discouragement field -Hard Light Bridge -Fizzlers -and some flinging Style: Clean Difficulty: It's around medium difficulty Size: Medium I realized during making this map that I started mapping exactly one year ago so let's say that this is something like my anniversary map. Feedback, reports of bugs, reports of unintended solutions and video playthroughs are appreciated. Special thanks: -Fluppy (Comp Cube) -warnightify Have fun!! Dom44 Version 1.1: -partially fixed unintended solution in gel chamber Version 1.2: -added more time at the timer button in the first room (Although I said I won't add more time to the timer eventually I decided to add more time to the timer , because initially I thought it is okay even that almost everybody wrote here that the timing is tight and so, but then I realized that it's not okay and that the timing was really tight. Well hopefully now it'll be okay.)