The Amazing Race

Uploaded December 6, 2011 by baca25


This is a set of four coop racing maps that I have created. I have created racing maps that don't just include fast reaction puzzles, but a mixture of quick reaction puzzles, thinking puzzles, and new or different things you haven't seen. I did this so that if one player isn't good at one type of puzzle, then they could catch up in the type of puzzle they are good at. Map 4 is going to be laggy for P-Body, unless you have a really good connection, so it won't be very fair, but will still be fun none the less. I hope you all enjoy yourselves, and I want to see LOTS of feedback and videos, telling me which maps you liked the best, how close your races were, and your overall opinion of the maps. !!!Make Sure Both Players Finish!!! Tip: When you get into the maps, type into the console "+remote_view" This will allow you to keep up the screen of what your opponent is seeing, so that you don't have to hold down Tab. Play instructions: Unzip the maps from the archive and place all five in your Steam/steamapps/common/portal 2/portal2/maps folder. Both players have to download the maps. Start a normal co-op game and whoever is hosting (the Blue Robot) type in "changelevel mp_coop_theamazingrace" in the console (which is activated by the ` key under ESC. This will bring you to the hub I created and you will be able to access all the maps. Thanks to my playtesters: Xires, That greek guy, Hobbax, and Elephant v1.1 - Fixed heaven button on map 4 - Fixed Boulder bug - Fixed Portal texture on map 4 - Added helpful signs at start of map 2 - Fixed and added some props on maps 2&4 v1.2 - Fixed getting stuck on map 3 - Changed Glass on Map 3 - Fixed shortcut on last puzzle on Map 3. - Fixed Cube going out of map 2