[SP] Linking Annex - The Proposal Project

Uploaded August 23, 2011 by MissStabby


On Monday August 21 Gary Hudston Proposed to his girlfriend using this map. It is made by MissStabby and TophattWaffle. It's a project we worked on for about 6 weeks. Other maps we created were: MissStabby - Angrybombs Tophattwaffle - Reconstruction TO PLAY THE MAP: Put the VPK in the addons folder put the bik files in your media folder. open console and type: map la_bringing_together IMPORTANT: When loading the mod, portal 2 loads modified scripts, needed for the mod. If you want to play other maps or the campains, restart portal2 first!! here is some more info as well as a playthrough of the entire game: iXACx_gz8tM Credits: Chamber 1: TophattWaffle Chamber 2: MissStabby Chamber 3: MissStabby Animations: MissStabby Scripting: TophattWaffle HammerQA: TophattWaffle Voice: Ellen McLain Dialog writing: Gary Hudston Recording: VALVe have fun playing it! p.s. She said yes!