[SP] Aperture Salience

Uploaded August 18, 2011 by RubbishyUsername


Salience - pertaining to Sa-li-ent: Adjective - Prominent or Conspicuous. Why is this map prominent? Because it's my first! (No don't run away!) This map features not just cubes, buttons, fizzlers and funnels in GLaDOS's Clean environment, but most importantly:- You can only fire one portal. Yes, in a style that is reminiscent (read: stolen) from the Blue Portals mod from old, but it brings some light and enlightenment into a completely unused aspect of portal puzzling. This map is 99% bug-free and I spent my whole summer holidays bringing life to it, so I know that I put the effort into it. But don't take my word for it, listen to these testimonies from past test subjects: "{REDACTED}" - Chell "My arm got bitten off by Mantis Men halfway-through. Would not test again." - Josh Ovencan - RubbishyUsername CEO of Rat Puree Laboratories Known minor bugs: Sometimes the elevator will not move at the start. Reload the map or noclip out to fix. Updates: V1.1 - Made an unintended solution harder, added portal emitter lights, and a couple of other minor changes.